Domestic Roofing

Our skilled, efficient team are experts at diagnosing and resolving all domestic roofing issues. We cover everything from small leaks to major roof installations and renovations.
Our professional team takes pride in our work, and our 30 years of dedicated service and returning customers, is a testament to our commitment to customer service and quality craftsmanship.
We are available to work with insurance companies and assessors in regards to roof damage on domestic properties.

To have the issue with your domestic roof quickly diagnosed and repaired, get in contact with Howard Roofing Contractors today.

Our Residential Roof Services

We offer roofing packages that are tailored to the unique requirements of residential roofs.

Our services include:

  • Roofing Repair

  • Roofing Maintenance

  • Roofing Installation

We are experienced and skilled with all types of roofs including slanted and flat roofs.
Our strict working practices mean we only use the very finest raw materials such as Moy Materials, which are typically used on flat roofs.
On traditional pitched roofs, the typical problems we encounter are missing and damaged slates after adverse weather conditions or due to poor installation by 3rd party companies.
The speed and skill of our team mean we cause the absolute minimum amount of disruption to your property whilst repairing any and all kinds of damage. With Howard Roofing Contractors you can be assured of a fast, efficient service that never compromises on the quality of the build or the repairs.

For more information on our range of domestic roofing services, get in contact with Howard Roofing Contractors today.